Our approach is different, we listen carefully to what our clients are asking for and enhance the product to include features and functionality that will bring immediate benefits. This way we can keep our pricing competitive and our customers happy.

What is Retail Mint?

Simple yet Powerful & Flexible

Retail Mint is a fresh take on simplifying inventory management across multiple sales channels including physical shops, it's like having an intelligent fast robot doing all the work that you would otherwise be doing manually.


The problem is simple, you have a physical shop, you sell on eBay, Amazon and may be even your own Website - how do you manage inventory to ensure out of stock items are removed from sale immediately across all platforms? Even worse, when you replenish your stock, can you remember to update all the platforms where that item is sold? Or may be you are only based online and sell on eBay and Amazon - how do you effectively manage the stock across these platforms?


Retail Mint has been built from the ground up using years of Ecommerce experience. The solution does not require you to change your existing working methods, instead it "fits" into your business and it can be tailored to your exact needs. What it provides is powerful automation which allows you to simplify your processes from full inventory management to order picking and processing.

Starts from as little as £50 a month

Retail Mint is based in the cloud, we provide secure business class hosting which we can grow as your needs grow. Our pricing is fair and transparent - whether you are just starting out or are established our solution can work for you.


All In One, cloud based Advanced Stock Inventory Solution to manage orders and customers online. Barcode inventory control solution for managing warehouse.


Affordable and Easy-to-Use, our responsive web-based Epos System is fast and reliable, can be used in any modern device including desktop, tablets or mobile to make your job easier.


One login to all your sales channels like website, Ebay and Amazon. Retail Mint advance multichannel solution can save time, money and improves order processing time.


We have included an automated pricer in our solution. Set upto 4 competitors whose price you would like to beat on eBay for each item. Let the automatic pricer do the rest!



Simple yet Powerful & Flexible

Sure there are plenty of other solutions on the market, but they all seem to promise everything and the cost rises rapidly as you add additional services. Our solution provides a solid foundation to grow your business, we would like you to tell us what you want the product to do and we will build the road map for Retail Mint together on your requirements. Below are some of the ways we are unique.


The team behind Retail Mint is motivated by one thing: customer satisfaction. You tell us what you want and we build it - all requirements are thoroughly reviewed and prioritized according to development time and benefits provided.


You don't need to tell us about technology, that's our area:) What we create will work across all devices and platforms - we are technology geeks and proud of it!


Our pricing model is one of the simplest in the industry, its competitive, transparent and fair. We don't charge you additional fees to use certain features - it's one price and it's all included period.


Unlike our competitors, we welcome new startups and help them get off the ground. We can provide a complete Website design service using our custom built E-commerce platform which is fully integrated with Retail Mint.



Simple yet Powerful & Flexible

We are passionate about our solution, but understand that it may not be for everyone. If you are unsure whether our solution will work for your business, use the list below to see if your requirements meet the key functionality provided by Retail Mint.

  • Clear, concise and fast user interface
  • Save time and hence reduce operating costs
  • Scales as your business grows
  • Cross device functionality, PC, MAC, iPad
  • Cloud based - no special hardware to maintain
  • Barcode your products, locations and orders
  • Multiple user accounts for auditing
  • Single dashboard to process all orders
  • Customised invoice generation
  • SMS integration for order updates
  • Alerts on low stock by popularity
  • Fast & dedicated help and support
  • Single or multiple EPOS terminals
  • Easy to raise purchase orders and manage suppliers
  • Automatic daily (or on demand) inventory import
  • Custom built reports for your business
  • Useful product insights, sales, popularity etc.
  • Different user levels i.e. manager, operator
  • Sales reports for tills
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Near real-time stock levels across platforms
  • Competitive pricing
  • No minimum term or tie in
  • Hosted on business class web servers


Simple yet Powerful & Flexible

Integration with your Website

We can assist with integration

Website orders are downloaded and the inventory is synchronized automatically.

Integration with eBay

Supports multiple eBay accounts

eBay is where a lot of people start their business, Retail Mint synchronizes the inventory, downloads orders and keeps stock levels synchronized.

Integration with Amazon

The platform that can make the difference

Amazon is big and successful businesses all list on there, Retail Mint synchronizes the inventory, downloads orders and keeps stock levels synchronized.

Web based EPOS

Portable, works across all devices

The EPOS is the hub, all product features are available through one unified interface.

Advanced Inventory Control

Simple to use, powerful backend

Controlling inventory is a breeze through the EPOS. You get real time statistics on sales and inventory levels and can raise purchases etc.

Automated Pricer for eBay

A free service for all!

We have included an automated pricer in our solution. This allows you to setup upto 4 competitors whose price you would like to beat on eBay for each item. Let the automatic pricer do the rest!

Multi-level User Accounts

Stay in control by limiting access

Retail Mint supports multiple user accounts and levels, so that only certain staff have access to stock modification functions.

Product Insights

click a product to view insightful information

Get instant insights into stock levels/locations and on past sales and pricing across all platforms.

Order Management

Process orders from all platforms

All orders are presented in one clean dashboard view, allowing you to print invoices and mark orders as dispatched.

SMS Integration

Keep customers in the loop

Send instant SMS messages+ to customers about order dispatches and tracking information
(+fee's apply)

Intelligent Product Alerts

Get alerts when stock is low

When stock is getting low, Retail Mint alerts you so more can be ordered, the alerts are intelligent because they are sorted by product popularity.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Daily, weekly or monthly reports

Creating reports is a breeze, a number of reports are already defined, new reports can be added easily.


Take the time to see what our customers think of Retail Mint

"I cannot describe to you really the usefulness of this package.... it's made an old director feel very young again! We tried a number of different software packages that are available on the market, not one of them allowed for the powerful information and ease of use that this package supplies. Our retail staff can process transactions across a number of platforms using just one interface, that works, but also I have access to incredible detail on what I need to push the business forward... if you do not believe me, google my name and contact me direct, I would have no hesitation in recommending this product."

Jason Ingamells - Woodland Ways Ltd

We process approx. 3000 orders a day and have 4 warehouses and 25 staff. This solution has allowed us to grow rapidly and increase our opperating efficiency 4 fold - thank you.

Suleman Thadha - PCS Books Ltd

We are just starting out on eBay and Amazon - this solution has given us a huge head start and has saved us a lot of time and money.

Ramesh Patel - Unique Choice


Simple yet Powerful & Flexible


We like to treat all customers the same and so have developed a very simple, competitive, and transparent pricing structure that works for businesses of all sizes. Our prices include access to all the features in our solution. Use the table below to find the cost of using Retail Mint in your business.


Upto 100 SKU's
Unlimted sales
Single ePOS terminal
2 User accounts


per month



Upto 1000 SKU's
Unlimted sales
Upto 2 ePOS terminals
Upto 5 User accounts


per month



Upto 5000 SKU's
Unlimted sales
Upto 10 ePOS terminals
Upto 25 User accounts


per month



Unlimited SKU's
Unlimted sales
Unlimited ePOS terminals
Unlimited User accounts



* one-off setup fee of £100 applies